"A wonderful and very readable manual for life, which is packed full of useful insights for health and wholeness. A book to be read and reread and shared with everyone you care about."



"This book is filled with wisdom and common sense. Anyone interested in improving the quality of their spiritual, mental and physical health will benefit from the practical, clear and concise blueprint for wellness. The direction on expanding our own inner peace to influence the conflicts the World is experiencing is both courageous and timely. Highly Recommended!" Jean E. Weaver, MS, LPCC, Dayton, Ohio

"A wonderful and very readable manual for life, which is packed full of useful insights for health and wholeness. A book to be read and reread and shared with everyone you care about. The section on Peace is not only timely but also full of the awesome truth about prayer." Marilyn Stoner, LCSW Louisville, Kentucky

"Total Wellness is a step by step guide for  those who seek healing and wholeness. Filled with practical suggestions, it provides a lucid pathway to holistic growth. It is thoughtful and insightful, and combines a unique wisdom with compassion and faith. I will gladly recommend this to my patients!" Gary S. Weinstein, M.D., Director, Center For Integrative Health

"This is a very fine text, well written and easily understood. Melanie does an outstanding job of putting into words many of the issues in therapy (and in life in general). As a psychiatrist, most these theories and recommendations are well known to me, but I have never had the opportunity to see this all put into writing; much less in such an organized and readable format. I would like to have every person I see in therapy use this text as a supplement. I also feel everyone could benefit from Melanie's very well founded and informative approach." Nancy Carroll, MD, Psychiatrist, Perrysburg, OH

"Melanie has succinctly synthesized traditional and alternative approaches to health and healing in a most positive, meaningful way. The book is a recipe for healthy living and a way of contributing positively to the Planet. As such, it can serve as a guide for therapists when evaluating total client needs. Clear, step-by-step directions for solving common human problems, make it easily usable for clients. A valuable handbook, indeed!" Joy Anderson LCSW, Mental Health practitioner for 30+ years, Jeffersonville, Indiana.

"In this world of minute specialization, it is refreshing to read a book that addresses human health from a holistic standpoint, while giving in depth focus to individual areas. Melanie Albin's Total Wellness is an invaluable addition to the library of the professional therapist, as well as to the individual who is interested in personal development." Paul Diamond, Ph.D., Cincinnati, Ohio.

"Melanie Albin has pulled together vital information for creating and maintaining mental health. It is difficult to find a self-help book that includes all the dimensions of a healthy life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and interpersonal. She also deals with the topic of spiritual health in a way that should be meaningful to people of different faiths and beliefs. I would recommend this to anyone seeking total health and wellness. A great book for therapists to recommend to clients."   Jeanie King, LCSW Kilgore Samaritan Counseling Center, Louisville, Kentucky

If the recommendations in this book are followed, we will have a lot less patient visits! The power that made the body can heal the body if we can just give it the opportunity to do so. I will recommend this book to all my patients!"
Dr. Rich Gardner, D.C. Chiropractor, Sunnyvale, California 

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